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Halloween & LeafMan (click on picture for larger view)

Dan, Chandra, & Kelly at the Rack's Pre-Halloween Party - 10/13/01

Hudson Party
The premiere Hudson House Party Beirut Champs
Me, Jess, and Jenny - 10/20/01

Halloween at UNH
LeafMan returns again this Halloween
This time to UNH - 10/27/01

Halloween Cheerleader
Jill (ironically) from Jillians at Matrix's Halloween party
LeafMan again appears in the background - 10/31/01

Matrix with Jessica
Nicole and Jessica clamor for a picture with the
Mighty LeafMan at Matrix - 10/31/01

Halloween Group
Jessica with the men behind the night
Bruno "Dredz" and Felix "SuperStar" - 10/31/01