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People I met in Cancun - Spring Break 2001 (click on picture for larger view)

Melanie Feld
Melanie Feld from Minnesotta on the Booze Cruise back from the "Island of Women" - 3/6/01

Molly from Atlanta at the Myth w/ normal blonde hair and then my awful attempt at being blonde - 3/16/01

Beckie from Somerset, Kentucky & me from Somerset, Ma at the Baywatch contest at Pat O'Briens - 3/12/01

OJ McDuffie
OJ McDuffie from the Miami Dolphins as a judge at our Baywatch contest at Fat Tuesdays - 3/12/01

Mel at Coco Bongos
Mel and the girls from Minnesotta at Coco Bongos - 3/6/01

Coco Bongos
Coco Bongos in Cancun, the most insane and lively club I have ever seen in the world - 3/6/01