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Post-Cancun Clubbing Pictures (click on picture for larger view)

Erin and Kelly
Josh, Kelly and Erin (met and last saw in Canun), & I
at Jose McIntyre's back in the cold of Boston - 3/24/01

Elaina and Katrina
Katrina &  Yelena  (met and last saw in Cancun)
at the Roxy - 4/13/01

Mary and Liza
Mary and Liza Gammons at Prov
in Providence, Rhode Island - 5/25/01

Leslie Bruno and Kara
Sonia at Club Crescent
met on my trip to Montreal - 5/5/01

Jamie on our adventurous night out
ending up the night at the Roxy... - 5/24/01

capping her night meeting Pedro Martinez
and Nomar Garciaparra in the VIP area - 5/24/01