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Kool Ladies @ the Clubs (click on picture for larger view)

First girl I met at a club, Jill(Complex in Providence)
Back when Macerena was playin at clubs - 4/4/96

Bethany Gervais, clubbin buddy,
seems to be enjoying the Roxy too much :) - 11/4/00

Kristin Davidson, Miss Teen Massachusetts 96
X and friend of mine, @ the ROXY - 12/7/00

Carolyn Peters from Melborne, Australia - 12/23/00
we went clubbin the WHOLE week in Boston, jeeez

Tanya, kool and classy friend I met at Axis - 1/11/00
And then at Axis you have the picture below

I have no idea who she is, but just to show, that you never know whats gonna happen at the clubs-3/12/99