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College Year Pictures @ UMass Dartmouth (click on picture for larger view)

Me Turning 21
My 21st B-day at random Raynham bar - 12/21/96
Mike Pimentel, me, and Joe Lacerda

503 Girls
My one semester as an RA - 10/97
drinking with my residents, the girls of 503

Me and Sarah Briggs
College Sweetheart, Sarah Briggs - 3/27/98
Met 2 hours before Valentines

3 Amigos and Drunk girl
Typical night@504B w/the boys & drunk girl-12/10/98
Me, Tara Carson, Josh Freeman & Mike Pimentel

Senior Week Gang
Senior Week - 6/5/99
night before graduation with Mike Pimentel and ladies

Grad with Becca
Graduation with Becca Gray - 6/6/99
Favorite gal at college