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Club Pictures from early 2001 (click on picture for larger view)

Vanessa and Marissa
Vanessa Bolano and Marissa Waller at the big BC party at Who's On First -  1/18/01

Meredith and Jenne
Meredith Beard and Jenne Presthus at Paradise - 2/1/01

Bethany at Matrix
Bethany Gervias at the grand opening of Matrix - 2/2/01

Leslie Bruno and Kara
Leslie, Bruno, Kara Shea at Rise - 2/10/01

BU gals at Venu Saturdays, Sabrina on the right - 2/3/01

Anya and the Maphia
Anya Morozkina and the Russian Maphia at Venu Saturdays - 2/3/01